Another One for the Haters…Kaepernick’s a Hall of Famer

Just in case the Kaep haters needed something else to hate on, add Hall of Fame to the list. Keep reading below to learn how Colin Kaepernick’s high school decided to honor him.

The Colin Kaepernick haters will have to address him as a Hall of Famer now … ’cause the ex-NFL superstar is going into his old high school’s HOF in November!!

Pitman High School — the Turlock, Calif. program Colin beasted for in football, basketball and baseball — announced it’s giving Kaep its highest honor on Nov. 3.

“Colin was chosen, like all the others, for their contribution to the history of athletes here at Pitman,” the school’s A.D., Dave Wells, tells KCRA.

“Of course, he was an outstanding athlete and a three-sport star.”

It’s sure to ruffle some feathers — given anything involving Kaep since he knelt during the national anthem does — but a former Turlock mayor says none of that minimizes what he did for the H.S.

“Colin Kaepernick still has much respect,” says John Lazar, who also once gave Kaep a key to the city of Turlock.

“Although citizens differ on his approach, he is still a proud son of Turlock.”

FYI … Colin led his high school to its first-ever playoff win as a senior — AND was nominated as an All-State player in hoops, football and baseball that same year. (TMZsports)

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